Guerrilla Guide

IT Drillmasters

drill·mas·ter (drĭl'm?~As't?~Yr)

1. A drill instructor.
2. An instructor given to extremely rigorous training

Based in Santa Cruz California USA, Guerrilla Guide provides worldwide technical services for a wide variety of clients not limited to the Fortune 500.

We understand that our services must align with your business goals.
Being a small entity, Guerrilla Guide promotes no illusions of "cradle to grave" capabilities, nor do we try to capture customers with a "be all to end all" mentality. We are however, the best at what we do; exercising real world implementations to failure, and training others to do a good job in that which we excel.

Small or large enterprises benefit from our real world experience in systems and networks typically based on Unix and open-source technologies. Guerrilla Guide was founded on the premise that computing need not be intimidating. We are predisposed to using the simplest, low tech if it may be, solutions available. Given the typical project time constraints, we do not dwell in the "everything must be perfect the first time or not at all" mentality, but are committed to "persist until it's right". This would of course only apply to our consulting services. Educational services will be perfect the first time and every time. Our confidence in this is such that we are proud to advertise our exclusive "money back guarantee" if our course offerings are not the best encountered. Period.

Our understanding of bleeding edge technologies, ability to understand our customers core business model, combined with our expertise in education and communication, enables plotting a course from current technical implementations to the possibilities arising from future innovation.

Guerrilla Guide chooses to measure success by how well we empower you to manage without us.

Educational Services - Browse course offerings, register for upcoming events.

Consulting Services - Contract Services for Unix/Linux systems, network architecture, disaster planning/recovery, etc.